Thank You for your Service

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Thank You for your Service

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Thank You for your Service

"This banner of love & devotion now being folded is a living memorial of the courageous thoughts of our comrade, the one who you came this day to honor.

The red stripes tell of the blood, sweat & tears offered and conquered by our comrades devotion to the responsible freedoms of country.

The white stripes boldly proclaim the peace that has been provided to our future generations.

As the starry blue fields represent the sky that overlooks our land and denotes the watchfulness of God the eternal.

This is their flag, this is our spiritual heritage.

Receive it now with the tears of our minds and the faith of our hearts."

The sacrifice of our heroes has paid for our safety & security

It is with gratitude for all those who have served that I am happy to provide the latest Military Honor Guard Request Forms in a fill-able .pdf format.


Army (East Coast)

Army (West Coast)

Coast Guard

Marine Corps ( Must Telephone 1-866-826-3628 )


All requests must be accompanied by proof of service

Request military service documentation with VA FORM SF-180