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Who Saw That Coming

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Who Saw That Coming

I have never had anyone tell me they regret planning for death

We are conditioned as individuals to prepare for the worst yet hope for the best.  With that said to think ahead is wise, to act upon it is even wiser.  So maybe you call, or maybe you just walk into the funeral home.  Here is your first impression of what to expect from a funeral professional.

As a layperson in need of information and not having someone ready to help can be frustrating.  My suggestion, if it is related to funeral services call ahead, always.  Often calling a funeral home before arriving can help you as well as the funeral professional to best serve you in the planning process.

Often people expect or believe they may appoint who they choose to handle their funeral arrangements.  This is often true, however legalities arise if certain forms such as this one Appointment of Agent are not used.  Otherwise there may be a set order to which who decides what happens to your remains.  For instance you may have separated from your significant other ten years ago and yet they, the estranged spouse, will be deciding whether your children will be handling the funeral arrangements or not.

The last thing I want to do is have to sit at a funeral home

Most people don't ever want to be at a funeral home, I don't blame them.  So I took the time to prepare some forms, in case you wanted to plan but didn't have the time to sit for an appointment.  Likewise for funeral professionals who may not live in the funeral home or always be available to sit and discuss funeral arrangements.

Prearrangement Form Resource - Includes intentions for funeral services, family information & vital statistics needed for preparation of death certificate

Advance funeral planning may be as simple as filling the above forms and giving them to your family.  Maybe you will also forward them to a funeral home of your choosing to get your information on file.  Perhaps if your a funeral director these forms can be sent to someone inquiring about funeral arrangements.  They were created to be a resource for all, to simplify what may be an otherwise complicated process.

Family Information Form

Vital Statistics Form

Family Information & Vital Statistics Form

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it."