Mobile App connects Procession to Lead Car

Mobile App connects Procession to Lead Car | Funeral Nav Mobile app





Mobile App connects Procession to Lead Car

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Mobile App connects Procession to Lead Car

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BAY SHORE, NY- Historically the funeral procession has always been viewed by onlookers with reverence.  Common practice was to place your hand over your heart as a symbol or example of respect for our departed brothers and sisters.  Yet today all too frequent processionals are interrupted and disrupted.  Funerals are difficult enough and the last thing you want to deal with is getting lost.

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Funeral director Joseph M. Bernaudo has developed an app to help with that.  The FuneralNav App lets you follow the lead vehicle in a funeral procession using GPS technology.  Users have the option of map tracking navigation or turn by turn broadcast of the lead vehicle in real time.

"My mission is to connect every participant of a funeral in a way never before possible.  FuneralNav will assist your funeral home in providing the most superior service in your area on a day it is needed most," says Bernaudo.

"Upon obtaining my license to practice as funeral director I made a commitment to serve each family to the best of my ability.  With that said it is my sincere hope that creating this new innovative technology helps ease the stress and anxiety friends and relative face during such a difficult time."

FuneralNav's mission first and foremost is to increase awareness of the value of funeral service to the families we so care for.  Second, we intend to provide simple and practical solutions to funeral service practitioners so they may best serve the needs of their customers.  Lastly, we will stand firm in opposition to any who would seek to diminish or minimize the importance of caring for both the departed and the bereaved.

You can download FuneralNav in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  For more information or to learn about personalization options visit or call 631-328-5231.