Three Important Parts of Funeral Arrangements

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Three Important Parts of Funeral Arrangements

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Three Important Parts of Funeral Arrangements

The funeral arrangement is often your first impression as a consumer of what to expect from your funeral professional. As we know there are no second chances to win anyone over these days. We build trust by meeting expectations and we destroy it by falling short.

There are three parts of funeral arrangements:

The first part involves a discussion.  This is when a consumer communicates to the funeral professional what they are looking for in terms of service. Usually this is much more than a buyer/seller conversation.  This is most times a person or a family communicating to another person or someone who has a family of their own at one of their most difficult times.  It's after this point that the funeral professional may then move forward in a direction to best serve the needs of their customer.

The next part usually involves collecting information.  Family information, service information, contact information and vital information necessary for the funeral professional to complete the death certificate.  We say complete as in most if not all cases funeral homes do not issue death certificates.  Funeral homes are usually able to obtain them for a limited amount of time within their own processes if arranged as such, but they are generally obtained through local municipalities.

EX: The death certificate is first generated by a doctor or certifier, next the funeral director inputs data collected and lastly local town clerk receives, signs and issues certified transcripts.

The final part is funeral costs. Although this often comes last it is usually understandably first on the mind of consumers.  It does not have to actually come last but to be accurate MUST come after having a discussion.  There would otherwise not be a way to determine or itemize in terms of service costs that apply.  There are laws regulating what funeral homes are required to do in terms of meeting federal and state regulations and all should be compliant.  Remember pricing should be transparent and for retention always.  Costs should absolutely be reviewed prior to large merchandise selections such as a casket.  Lastly if you work within your budget and are still falling short of what you had planned for, communicate to the funeral home what you were looking for and give them the opportunity to work with you as there will not be a second time to arrange a funeral for anyone.

There are many ways to accomplish funeral arrangements, equally important is having all parties comfortable within the arrangement.  Some simple ways for a funeral home to care for and aid the families they serve is by utilizing checklists.

Funeral Arrangement Checklist

Aftercare Checklist