Pricing, let's hash it out

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Pricing, let's hash it out

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Pricing, let's hash it out

Carefully consider the following frequently asked questions-

“How much do you charge for a funeral?”

“How much do you charge for a cremation?”

“How much do you charge?”

Aren’t we missing something here? Everything, maybe?

If a service provider presumes what a funeral or cremation is on behalf of a family, they can easily get it wrong. Is it not simpler to just ask the consumer what their idea of the funeral or cremation entails, and then, after listening, provide the services with pricing?  After of course providing a General Price List in accordance with FTC rules and regulations.

Well, if I was any good at math it would be that simple—I’m not, but keep reading. We will come back to that.

Ask Burger King about their burgers, and they will tell you they have the best burger around. Ask a Ford retailer what the best car in the market today is, and they’ll say Ford.  By now, you might be getting the point. Providers of merchandises and services, by nature, have passion for what they do and for what they produce. Would you be surprised to know that consumers not only want to hear that, they need to hear that? Ask yourself as a provider, what makes you stand out among the rest?

We have all heard the term “Best Price”.  Let’s take the time to dissect the word. First comes the word “Best,” and next comes the word “Price.” For one to reasonably judge anything with another, we need to decide together what we are talking about first. Many have heard the term “apples to apples” before, and that phrase reigns true for a shopping mind. The consumer must determine first what is best for them, and next, consider price. Most shoppers have no issue asking for things to cost less. In many industries, it comes with the territory. Remember though, consumers cannot necessarily get a unique product or service type anywhere else, unless, as a provider, you let that happen. This is where the passion of the provider comes into play.

Does your funeral provider really want to give you the “Best Price,” or just the “Best”—caring only about your money? Or will they just give the “Price,” without a care at all about service? Know that “Best” and “Price” are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

As a final thought, it is fair enough to say that the level of trust placed in funeral homes to conduct themselves appropriately​ is perhaps bar none. Yet, time and time again, they are found in the news for the less than respectable actions of a few. With all the moving parts in even the simplest of cremations and funerals, could quotes without conversations ultimately be a disservice to the bereaved and their families? Without that first conversation, would the consumer be left ill equipped to judge whose services would be decent or not?

As a means to better serve our ever-changing consumers, and our honest, hardworking funeral professionals, we are pleased to announce our latest web based application.

The Funeral Price Tool makes accurate calculations of expenses quickly and easily, so professionals can focus on their services rather than math. You, as a provider, can convey confidence rather than uncertainty-and as a client family, can get your pricing questions answered. Quickly.

Visit and give it a try.  What do you have to lose? A funeral- a cremation- maybe both?