Is your Web Site Planning to Sabotage you

Is your Web Site Planning to Sabotage you | Funeral Nav Mobile app





Is your Web Site Planning to Sabotage you

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Is your Web Site Planning to Sabotage you

Gone are the days of each funeral requiring a publishing of an obituary or death notice in the local paper.  Most service information is obtained online through social media and/or funeral home web sites.  Not posting service information could even be viewed as a disservice to the families you serve.  With that said is your web site doing everything it can to benefit your funeral home?

When I first pitched my plans for a funeral procession app

to a funeral tech company one of the company reps reacted by reminding me their web sites provide directions.  I realized at that moment what made me different from them, I was a funeral director.  I understood the difference between meeting a family at the cemetery and a traditional ceremonial motorcade as I am sure those taking the time to read this do too.  Don’t misunderstand I’m not saying it isn’t important to provide accurate locations with service information.  However if your funeral home uses our App and doesn’t let customers know online, you could be missing out on more than a few traditional service calls.

Let those comparing online know that you care about their concerns
Inform potential customers online that services your providing to your community are truly superior.  Like them you believe in tradition and dignity with funeral processions.  Before GPS, Mapquest and Google Maps the best way to get somewhere you wanted to go was to have someone with you who had been there before.  Today few go anywhere without having the address plugged into their turn by turn technology.  Among all the apps proven to be popular, still topping the charts as the most frequently used smart phone app worldwide is Google Maps.  This should scream two obvious points.  First is that people need direction and security when they get into their cars!  I’ve certainly lost count how many times I have known where I was going and still had to plug the address into the phone.

Second, Apps aren’t just for the Millennials

They are the future (Apps & Milennials).  Surely I can hear the groans from well *mars (*pun intended –“future” comment).  Seriously though, all people count on GPS technology as well as any App that has function or use especially baby boomers (see here).  Let everyone know they can count on you.  If we can help ease stress and anxiety and make people more comfortable on a day that is quite possibly the most difficult of their life, won’t they and others see value in what we do?  Won’t we continue to be of service to our friends, families and communities?