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Historically the funeral procession has always been viewed by onlookers with reverence. Common practice was to place your hand over your heart as a symbol or example of respect for our departed brothers and sisters. Yet today all too frequent processionals are interrupted and disrupted. Not for lack of effort but by lack of respect of fellow drivers on the road.  

So I asked myself what if each driver had heard an update of street and direction as the lead car travels? You know kind of like when we used to tune our radio and listen at the Drive Inn Movie Theatre. Would that have helped all drivers to make it to their destination safely? As a funeral director knowing I was doing all I could I believed I was on to something. 

I thought bigger and imagined if I attended a funeral what if I could track the lead car on a map? Well why can't we I thought to myself.

At that point I did the research and found that this was certainly possible. Upon obtaining my license to practice as a funeral director I made a commitment to serve each family to the best of my ability. With that said it is my sincere hope that creating this new innovative technology helps ease the stress and anxiety friends and relatives face during such a difficult time.

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Contains step-by-step directions for downloading our app and finding funeral processions.
It is intended to be used in place of directions.

Creating Processions

Creating funeral processions with Funeral Nav